Xopero ONE backup to Wasabi Cloud

Xopero ONE & Wasabi

A multi-storage system

Storage compatibility of your backup software might be a decision-maker. Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery is an efficient multi-storage system that lets you keep data anywhere you want. You can easily back up critical data - from endpoints, servers, virtual machines, Microsoft 365, and DevOps tools - and select Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage as a backup destination.


Why use Xopero ONE with Wasabi?

With Xopero ONE and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage (one of the available cloud storage options) you, as a user, can reduce your administrative overhead and eliminate downtime and revenue loss. At the same time, you get a reliable backup & recovery solution and one of the safest cloud storage - with the low storage costs too.

Why send backup to Wasabi Cloud Storage with Xopero ONE


Backup to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Xopero ONE permits customers to send backups directly to the Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. As Wasabi provides scalable, fast, reliable, and low-cost storage, you don’t need to pay extra to recover your backups. Even if your hardware or software fails, you can easily access and recover your data as fast as possible anytime and anywhere from Wasabi.


Xopero's Any2Any Replication with Wasabi

Xopero ONE enables backup replication between multiple locations for disaster recovery. You can easily replicate data from any to any data store - Wasabi Cloud to any other compatible cloud storage, Wasabi Cloud to local storage, or locally with no limitations. And the best part - keeping your data in multiple locations you can easily follow the 3-2-1 rule.

hot data

Wasabi Cloud direct support

Xopero ONE offers dedicated support for Wasabi Cloud. With a simple configuration - just provide authentication data, select region, and then bucket – setting a backup plan can be done within a few minutes. Now, with a copy of critical data stored in the Wasabi storage, your backups are easily accessible and recoverable in the event of any failure. That’s the Xopero ONE power!


Make you data 'hot' with Wasabi

With Xopero ONE and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage solution, you get access to your information in milliseconds. Wasabi is aimed to treat all your data as a ‘hot’ one. With this feature, you can shorten the upload window and, consequently, access your data much faster. This, in its turn, permits you to restore your information a lot quicker.

Backup and recovery with Xopero and Wasabi


Multiple backup plans

You can choose one of the predefined backup plans – which are based upon the most pressing users’ needs - or customize your own. Indicate a backup type, select resources to protect, set backup storage and scheduler and you are ready to protect your most critical data.


Policy-based advanced backup plans

We give you a very wide range of settings that you can use to configure even the most sophisticated backup plan. You have full control over each aspect - retention, compression, encryption, and features like a backup window, delayed start, backup on the trigger, and many more.


Automate your backup

You can easily automate your backup with Xopero ONE. Our solution allows you to schedule your backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. At the same time, you can set an appropriate time for your backups that suits your business needs or you can configure your backup scheduler - you can choose between Basic, FIFO, or GFS models.


Xopero ONE deployment in Wasabi Cloud

Xopero ONE service can be deployed in two ways – as a SaaS or On-Premise instance. Choosing the second option you can deploy the management service in any localization - locally or in the cloud eg. the Wasabi Cloud Hot Storage.


Granular restore

Speed up the restoration of your business data to the max. Take advantage of the granular, fast, and point-in-time recovery of only selected types of data from a previously made image backup.


Disaster Recovery in a package

Using Xopero ONE, you can get the most efficient Disaster Recovery features in a package with no extra costs. To restore all business data or just a piece of it to the same or different destinations, you can use any of Instant restore, BMR, Cross-platform or Granular Recovery without stopping your working process.

Maintain the highest levels of security with Xopero and Wasabi


User AES 256 encryption

Most vendors provide users with automatically generated encryption keys. Instead, Xopero ONE gives you the possibility to choose. To enforce your data security our solution enables you to create custom encryption keys. And as always, we are providing the military-grade AES 256 algorithm to secure your business data.


In-flight encryption

We encrypt your data in-flight before it even leaves your physical machine, so it’s protected either during backup execution or at rest in the repository


Zero-knowledge encryption

Your device does not have any information about the encryption key - it receives it only when performing a backup. We don’t know what’s inside and nor will any intruder.


Secure password vault

Our built-in Password Manager store and manage all your passwords (internal and external) in one, secure place. You don’t have to remember or write them down - if you need to use it, just choose from the list.


Eleven nines' protection

Wasabi provides eleven nines (99.999999999%) durability of objects over a given year. Storing 10k files in the Wasabi Cloud, you can average expect to incur a loss of a single file once every 10,000,000 years. Great start, and by connecting this with...


No single point of failure

...you gain end-to-end disaster recovery. Xopero ONE simply enables the communication between the device and storage and does not take part in the backup process. You can lose access or configuration but as long as you have your encryption key you can restore the data.


To achieve SOC 2 certification, our organization needed to implement a fully manageable GitHub backup solution. There was no question about compromising any of our strict security policies. GitProtect with its strong focus on security, user encryption, and policy-based advanced backup plans set up was the obvious choice.

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